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What is Self-Serve Drafts?

Exactly what it sounds like: you pour your own draft beer!  

Just want to sample/taste?  Go ahead!

Already know your favorite and in the mood for a full pint?  Pour Away!

Want to set up a custom beer flight with several 5oz pours to share with your friends?  Yep; you can do that too!

How's it work?

1. We'll check your ID, then issue you a 'Draft Card' that lets you access our screens.

2.  Choose your preferred glass size from the rack.

3.  Place your card on the screen of the corresponding tap, and pour away!

4.  Repeat as much as you'd like! 

-There is a pour limit preset on each card, when you reach that limit, you'll need to check in with one of our tap specialists before being able to continue pouring.  

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Thirsty Joe's Draft House

3300 West Cary Street, Richmond, VA, USA